Knows her onions. Loves her onions.

Olaiya’s inspiration lies in creating innovative pathways for her clients to access affordable and efficient media options to help achieve their marketing and promotional goals. Her consultancy expertise is equally matched by her love for providing adaptable methods and tools to overcome the challenges existent in the African media and entertainment industry.


The Industrious African Woman.

Olaiya’s professional background is adequately backed by her certifications and academic qualifications in media. She started building this foundation when she graduated from Buckinghamshire New University in the United Kingdom with a Bachelor's degree in Music Industry Management Media & Marketing. In 2011, she bagged two NCFE Certificates; one in Video Production, Digital Media & Broadcasting and the other certification in Broadcast Media, Radio Production & Development. Olaiya’s drive to constantly develop her professional skills and knowledge is an integral attribution to the attention to detail work ethic for which she is known and trusted.

Throughout the years Olaiya has been able to excel exceptionally at all her professional roles. As a PR consultant for the South African division of one of the biggest record labels in the world (Warner Music Group), she developed and implemented successful PR strategies that aided the achievement of public relations objectives set by the organization.

As a radio personality and content producer for 96.9 Cool FM and 99.3 Nigeria Info FM, her driving force remained catering to the objectives of the media houses by developing and presenting audience-centered shows. Olaiya’s years working as an on-air personality brought about a noteworthy increase in listenership for the radio stations she worked with. She became not only a familiar face but a friendly voice, accompanying listeners daily through her radio shows and impacting lives with her remarkable content as a creative broadcast specialist. This experience has become an attribute that reflects in her understanding of identifying media strategies that resonate with her client's target audience.

Olaiya strongly believes in creating value by providing novel resolutions for your media-related need. She encourages her clients to view the world as their oyster and partners with them to bring their ideas to As an African female entrepreneur, Olaiya embodies the principles of an industrious professional, whose business methods are formed with the utmost credence and experienced insights. Her professional background combined with her entrepreneurial tenacity and knack for creativity are qualities that make her services outstanding.

Women for women.

African female entrepreneur. Her motto is for women to live fearlessly, learn relentlessly, and love themselves unapologetically and she strives for all women to reflect this ideal in their professional and personal lives.