a.k.a Tora.

Torera Olaiya

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Torera Olaiya, professionally known as Tora, is an entrepreneur, creative broadcast specialist and on-air personality. She is renowned amongst her colleagues and clients for her authenticity and meticulous work ethic, with a wealth of experience spanning over 10 years of navigating the entertainment and media industry. The British-born Nigerian who is forever dedicated to creating ingenious PR and content marketing solutions, founded her media consulting agency to help brands, businesses and talent develop meaningful and effective strategies to connect with their target audience across Africa and beyond.

T.O.M. Consulting was established with the mission to proffer world-class media solutions to corporate brands, SME’s and individuals while placing clients’ goals at the forefront.

Olaiya’s professional experience throughout the years is repeatedly marked by a significant increase in performance and brand visibility in the organisations she has worked with. Always ready to give her all to assist you in achieving your media-related goals, Olaiya is not just a personality to watch, she’s a force to partner with.

When Olaiya isn’t busy kicking ass in the media industry, you'll find her talking about self-love and confidence-building in women. She aspires to motivate all women to live life unapologetically and she devotes her life and career to that ideal.